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Welcome to the ACI Program

Become an Autodesk Certified InstructorDesigned for teachers and professionals who instruct with Autodesk software, the ACI program provides premier teacher training to sharpen instructional technique and improve student skills.

Autodesk Certified Instructors are globally recognized as technical experts who have mastered the requirements to provide official Autodesk training. By earning this credential, candidates join an exclusive network of instructors who stand out based on the high quality instruction and certification received from Autodesk. Instructors of this prestigious community can gain a competitive advantage through the additional industry training, knowledge of the latest trends, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and career development through the Autodesk Certified Instructor program.

Candidates can complete their certification through the traditional 3-day onsite ACI Workshop, or be evaluated via video submission through the new online option.

To learn more about the ACI program, please visit our FAQ.

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Autodesk Certified Instructor Program [PDF]

Become an Autodesk Certified Instructor [PDF]