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  • Be the best. Become an Autodesk Certified Instructor.

    Develop your instructional skills and gain a competitive edge.

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  • Be the best. Become an Autodesk Certified Instructor.

    Develop your instructional skills and gain a competitive edge.

Welcome to the ACI Program

The Autodesk Certified Instructor program is available to Autodesk® Authorized Training Center (ATC®) professional instructors and Autodesk® Authorized Academic Partner (AAP®) professional instructors.

Autodesk Certified Instructors are globally recognized for their Autodesk product expertise and quality instruction, which is represented by a digital badge on Pearson’s Acclaim badging platform. Silver, gold, and platinum badges* denote your continuous tenure in the program and can be used to promote your skills and distinguish you from other Autodesk training providers.

Instructors who want to earn and retain ACI status are provided with access** to a wide range of online training e-courses on topics spanning instructional techniques, Autodesk product expertise, and industry knowledge. With an annual requirement to complete ongoing professional development to retain your industry-recognized ACI credential, the Autodesk Certified Instructor program offers you flexible and affordable professional development that you can undertake at your own pace–and at a time and place convenient to you.

As an Autodesk Certified Instructor, you and your student will be prepared to deliver premier learning and training experiences.

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Requirements to earn ACI certification:

To earn the Autodesk Certified Instructor certification, an ATC or AAP instructor or educator must: 

  • Obtain access to the Autodesk Instructor Development Portal (IDP)**. See FAQ for detailed instructions on access.

  • Log into the Autodesk Instructor Development Portal.

  • Accept the IDP website Terms of Use; create your personal user profile.

  • Complete the Autodesk Instructional Methods e-course available on the Autodesk Instructor Development Portal.***

  • Complete 16 hours of online Autodesk software instructor e-courses, available on the Autodesk Instructor Development Portal.

  • Have achieved an Autodesk Certified Professional certification on the current or previous release of your chosen Autodesk software.

Please note:  ATC and AAP program guidelines for Autodesk Certified Instructors, changed in January 2017. Beginning January 2017, participation in the ACI program for existing ACIs and new ACIs will require the instructor to be a full-time, a part-time, or a contract employee with an Authorized ATC or AAP partner.

Once you have fully met these requirements, your ACI digital badge will be issued on the Acclaim platform and you will be ready to advertise your instructional skills and Autodesk product expertise.

Embrace your competitive differentiator and display your globally recognized Autodesk Certified Instructor and Autodesk Certified Professional badges far and wide across websites, blogs, and your social media profiles.


Requirements to maintain ACI status:

To maintain Autodesk Certified Instructor status, ACI instructors are required to annually: 

  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of Autodesk product/workflow training.

  • Teach a minimum of 40 hours of Autodesk product training.

  • Complete a minimum of 10 hours continuing professional development training on improving instructional skills and/or teaching the future of design.

  • Submit 1 article or featured contribution to a published journal or the Autodesk Knowledge Network, or deliver 1 presentation at a professional/education conference.

  • Maintain the Autodesk Professional Certification credential in accordance with program terms stated in the ACI Program Agreement: http://aci.autodesk.com/aci-program-agreement

For more information regarding the Autodesk Instructor Development Portal, Pearson’s Acclaim badging platform, the Autodesk software products on which ACI status can be earned, requirements for maintaining ACI status, and more, please refer to this FAQ.